You love your pets! Of course you do. Just look at them – how could you not love them. We get it, and we are right there with you. At Plenty Paws, we are pet lovers first and business owners second, which is why you can count on us to help you take outstanding care of your pets. You will find only top-quality pet products here, items that we would give to our own pets and items that you can give to your pets proudly. Your dog (and your cat too), after all, deserve the very best that you can offer. All our products go through a rigorous testing process – by (who else?) our dogs – and we focus on safety above all else. Our dogs are perfect testers for small pet products and large. We have a 15lb old Cairn Terrier "Ellie" who loves to chase anything that moves! "Loki" is our 75lb senior Lab Mix who enjoys long naps and car rides. You will always find our dogs sporting our latest styles. They want to help find the best for your dogs too! Plenty Paws is your go-to store for everything that your dog could ever want or ask for. When you want to give your furry friend a special present or just need something to fill those lazy afternoons, come to us. We value our customers, and you can count on us to back all your orders with our service guarantee, delivering your order promptly and responding any questions you may have just as soon as we can. Plenty Paws – because paws are good, and plenty of paws are even better! Plenty Paws is owned and operated by 4PawsPets. If you also love Ebay, you will love our store. Shop at

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